Year in Review: 2012

It's hard to believe we're almost to the end of another year! 2012 has been a busy one for the LightCMS team and, as is our custom, we'd like to take a moment to reflect on all the amazing changes and improvements we've seen this year. So join us as we take a quick look at the highlights of 2012!

44% Growth!

While reports of economic struggle continue to dominate the news cycles, we are incredibly grateful to report that LightCMS saw another year of outstanding growth in 2012. LightCMS accounts increased by 44% this year. As you know, LightCMS is debt-free with no outside funding and has been profitable since its launch in 2006. Our longevity, growth and profitability give LightCMS a solid advantage that benefits all our customers.

Brand New Interface

Can you believe that less than one year ago, the LightCMS toolbar interface looked like this:

In 2012, we streamlined the toolbar interface and now it looks like this:

Much better, we think!

Design Editor

Following the new interface, we launched one of our biggest improvements to date. The new Design Editor allows anyone to customize our built-in LightCMS designs with easy-to-use tools. We also revamped the entire design center to fit within the new toolbar interface. Selecting and customizing a design is easier than ever!

Image Element and Magic Drop

In 2012, we added a brand new element to the platform. The Image Element replaced our Photo Gallery Element, combining the power of the photo gallery with a brand new ability to easily display single images at the right size every time. In addition, our new "Magic Drop" technology made it even easier to create new elements by simply dropping files right onto a LightCMS website.

LightCMS Affiliates

We launched a new partner program, LightCMS Affiliates, in 2012. As a LightCMS Affiliate, anyone can earn substantial commissions when they refer customers to LightCMS. This addition expanded on LightCMS's industry-leading partnering and profit-sharing opportunities.

The Summer of Love

Who could forget the LightCMS Summer of Love? It brought us week after week of rapid-fire feature releases that lasted well beyond the summer months, encompassing nearly half of the year. The Summer of Love features are too numerous to mention here, but for full details check out our Summer of Love recap post.

On to 2013!

It's fun to look back and marvel at all that has happened this year. But at LightCMS, our focus is never on the past. Instead, we're already looking to 2013 and gearing up for another amazing year. We truly believe that when December rolls around again, we'll have an even more great things to reflect upon.

Of course, none of this would be possible without you, our customers. We are extremely grateful for the continued support you provide when you entrust us with your business and also when you share so many notes of encouragement with our team. We have the best customers anywhere and you truly make it a joy to continue the work we do every day. We wish all of you a very happy holiday season and we look forward to continuing to serve as your website partner for years to come.



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