Winners of the Talented Wordsmith's Twitter Contest

Our most recent "Web Designers are Sexy" t-shirt giveaway has ended, and as always, we had some great entries. This latest contest required entrants to craft a tweet expressing their love for LightCMS. The catch was that the sentence had to use one letter as many times as possible (such as in assonance or consonance).

The Winners:

And the three winners we chose for this Web Designers are Sexy giveaway are:

Steve Wilson: Well-informed, wise Web workers wanting to wield wicked, wondrous, winning websites will willingly whoosh to @LightCMS. Word.

Taenia: A CMS should be simple, sexy, supremely flexible and serve up some sweet design. So, salutations @LightCMS.

Carlos R.: The night eight bigheaded higher-ups were caught in a tight fight, I got caught up, weighed their thoughts and brought light to their delight; they straightened up & used @LightCMS :)

Honorable Mention:

@enchantmenot showed us some love with this elated explosion of e's:

extremely elegant and eloquent, expressive and envisioned, @LightCMS

@ahhaweb generously submitted:

@lightcms makes my mournful mundane Monday mornings more meaningful, more magical, more mysteriously mine.

Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to send us a pic of yourself sporting the shirt for our gallery. And thanks so much to everyone else who participated. Stay tuned for our next giveaway!



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