Why Two Experts Choose to Recommend LightCMS

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Kaya Ismail, the co-founder of the newly launched Website Builders Critic and leading contributor of CMS Critic. We thought it would be great to find out why he and his colleague Mike Johnston, the founder and leading contributor of CMS Critic, would recommend LightCMS to website builders. Their response below is what they shared with us.

When Mike Johnston and I (the founder and leading contributor of CMS Critic respectively) decided to create Website Builders Critic, it didn’t take long for us to add LightCMS to our very small list of recommended products.

The aim of Website Builders Critic - which we launched in October 2014 - is to show the less tech-savvy population that beautiful and powerful websites can be built far more easily than first thought.


Via website builder reviews and video tutorials, Mike and I have attempted to make life easy for website building newbies when it comes to choosing a platform, and then using it.

But of course, our advice can only be as good as the products we advise people upon. So, what made us choose LightCMS?

Why LightCMS?

A truly good website builder needs to be just simple enough for newbies to find their way, yet just flexible enough for those same newbies to grow and express their creativity. LightCMS fits that bill quite nicely.

On top of some truly good looking templates, LightCMS’ user friendly interface makes adding pages and page elements a piece of digital cake.

The drag-and-drop page building system makes working with LightCMS simple, whilst the wide range of page elements like sliders, galleries, products and forms makes it functional.

It also has built in blogging and ecommerce functionality, both of which are solid features in their own right.

The LightCMS Partner Platform also factored into our decision. The partner platform enables those who wish to churn out and manage websites for clients. Essentially, it’s a business model within a website builder, and that’s something we didn’t want to ignore.

Plus, as the winners of the 2014 People’s Choice CMS Award for Best Cloud CMS for SMBs, Mike and I certainly aren’t alone in our admiration of LightCMS.

LightCMS in Action

Our decision to showcase LightCMS as one of the world’s best website builders for even the less tech-savvy isn’t just talk. It’s video, too.

For example, we have already demonstrated how LightCMS can be used to  build a blog in 5 minutes, from signup page to published post.

We have also done the same for online stores, portfolios and business websites, all of which LightCMS makes light work of (excuse the pun).

This combination of speed and simplicity doesn’t just make it a good website builder. It makes it an approachable one for the masses - and that’s exactly why we recommend it.

Check out our LightCMS review, as well as our LightCMS video tutorials.

Author Bio:

Kaya Ismail is the Co-founder of Website Builders Critic, and the leading contributor of CMS Critic.