We've Updated the WYSIWYG Feature Demonstration Video

Earlier this week we updated our WYSIWYG feature demonstration video. You can check out the new version here. For consistency, we decided to replace Tim's melodious voice over with the same voice over talent heard on our other, more recent LightCMS videos. The overall video is very similar to its predecessor, but it now shows the updated WYSIWYG editor, which has changed significantly since the previous video was created.

This is one of the many white-label videos that we make available for you to use with your own clients if you wish. The new video is already live, so here are some important things to remember. If you use our reseller video script or reseller features script with video, you don't need to update anything. The new video is already updated within your implementation of our script. But if you embedded the WYSIWYG video on your web pages directly, then you'll need to update your embed code to the new video. Simply visit our individual videos page, find the the WYSIWYG video, and grab the new embed code.