We finally did it

Typically, when we talk about something that's going to increase efficiency, improve workload capacity, and ultimately save lives, we're talking about an amazing new feature we've added to the LightCMS system. But the new feature we're talking about today is actually just for those of us that work here with LightCMS. Its UI may not be stellar, it isn't compatible with CSS3 or HTML5, and there's no apparent way to give it upgrades. But it can carry over 576 cans of Mountain Dew at once. It's our new dolly!

Light CMS Soda Crew

Here you can see the new dolly freeing up at least five designers-worth's carrying capacity.

For years we've been carrying the pop five floors, in the snow, upstairs both ways. Getting a constant stream of caffeinated beverages to our designers and developers has been instrumental to our success. And with the growth of LightCMS and all of the great new features we're working on, we really needed to increase the soda bandwidth and delivery speed. The smiles on our developers' faces indicate that we may have attained that goal.

Web Designer fuel

Yes, that's a lot of Mountain Dew. 576 cans to be exact.