Variations On a Theme

As we've discussed in the past, it can sometimes be advantageous to base new designs on existing designs or themes. Naturally, this is a less time intensive approach than fully custom design and, as a result, it can allow designers to offer lower-priced services to companies or organizations who may not be able to afford fully-custom options. And while most would prefer completely custom work, good results can still be achieved when talented designers customize existing, quality designs.

To demonstrate, we put together this quick look at several site designs that were created by simply modifying one of our existing LightCMS design themes. LightCMS offers a large selection of design themes that are freely available to use and modify as you see fit, giving LightCMS designers a great resource of design starting points at no cost.

Now on to our examples. Here's the original theme as seen in our design viewer:

And here are a few designs created by modifying the theme above:

Conquerors Church

New Life Coaching

Destiny House

Gracie Lane