Using HTML5 to design with Light CMS

In the past weeks, some of our Light CMS designers have asked us about HTML5 and whether it will affect our CMS software or their designs. The current reach of HTML5 has been a pretty hot topic in general. As more and more information comes out, the online community has become entrenched in auguring the breadth of the new web-standard's impact. Designers, of course, are more concerned than anyone. Will clients care if their designer uses HTML5? What portion of their audience will be able to view pages in HTML5? What about the old ladies still running IE6? With all of these questions, the last thing a designer needs is added trouble with their CMS. And thankfully, Light CMS likes to keep things simple. Let's take a moment to talk about how Light CMS can work with HTML5.

Can I create new Light CMS designs using HTML5?

Absolutely. The great thing for our designers is that Light CMS has always been standards-friendly. Since day one, we've committed ourselves to giving you complete control over the creation and management of your designs, especially when you want to design using HTML and CSS standards. Designers using Light CMS are free to create their templates in HTML5 markup. Some CMS providers require proprietary languages, but we believe that just hinders the creativity of your designs. Do you want to take advantage of the new <aside> tags? No problem. Want to embed a CMS token within a sub-navigation bar inside those new tags? It'll work great. In other words, Light CMS is the HTML5 designer's friend.

As a side note, we'll likely be adding new designs featuring HTML5 to our CMS in the future as well.

Will the rollout of HTML5 affect older Light CMS designs?

Not at all. Existing Light CMS designs, including our own free design templates, will still render just as they always have, provided the designer declared the <!DOCTYPE> properly when the design was created (for more information on DOCTYPES, click here). Since previous standards are still supported by browser engines, there shouldn't be any problems with using them.

Light CMS + your designs + HTML5 = win

As you can see, designers using Light CMS to create content managed websites for their clients have nothing to fear from HTML5. With complete control over the HTML and CSS standards used in their CMS designs, designers have the freedom to utilize HTML5 when they are ready. Of course, things are always changing, and we'll be keeping an eye on how the upcoming changes affect our products and making adjustments as necessary.

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If you have thoughts on HTML5, let us hear from you in the comments.



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