Updates Coming to Reseller Marketing Scripts

As part of our free designer program, LightCMS offers a selection of marketing scripts which can be used on your own website to promote the CMS. Two of these scripts, the features script and the pricing script, will be receiving updates related to the addition of the LightCMS online store. Usually, we make updates to these scripts behind the scenes without any announcement, but because these are more significant changes, we wanted to give you a little advanced notice.

Features Script Changes

Changes to the feature script will be fairly minor, with us simply adding a new section promoting the store component of the CMS. You can see what this new store section looks like in the image below.

Pricing Script Changes

Changes to the pricing grid script will be more significant. At the top, we'll be adding lines to communicate the specific store attributes for each plan including the SKU limitation and the transaction fee. See the image below:

Then, further down in the grid, we're adding a completely new section for the online store. Because the store is available in test mode only on our free plan, we've put asterisks into the appropriate boxes and we've added a line of explanation below the pricing section. See the image below:

Please note that these screen shots show the grid with some of our own styles applied. The grid in its natural form is unstyled. For more details, see this article about using the pricing grid script.

Launching on June 21st

We'll be taking these changes live next Tuesday, June 21st. You won't need to make any changes to your current implementations of the script. The content will simply update automatically.