Updated Getting Started Video Now Available

In case you didn't know, we offer several helpful videos about using LightCMS. Many of these videos are white-labeled, meaning they are designed for you to be able to share them with your own clients. One of our most popular videos, entitled "Getting Started Managing Your Website," has recently been updated to bring the visuals up to date with some of the changes recently implemented on the LightCMS platform. You can view the new, updated version of our Getting Started video below:

Videos are Automatically Updated in Our Reseller Scripts

If you use our reseller marketing scripts to share marketing content including our videos, on your own sites, you won't need to update anything. The Getting Started video has already been swapped out with the new version in our Reseller Video Script and our Reseller Features Script.

Directly Embedded Videos Need to be Manually Updated

However, if you have embedded our Getting Started video directly on your website, you'll need to update it with the new video. The old video will continue to work, but it is out of date, so to utilize the most recent version, simply visit our Individual Videos page and grab the embed code from the Getting Started video there.