Two New Responsive Designs Released

We're releasing two new, fully-responsive designs today. As always, these designs are available to be used on any LightCMS website at no extra charge. They are customizable through our built in Design Editor. Plus, advanced users can even download their source code to use them as starting points for their own work.

To see the designs in action, login to your LightCMS account and visit the Designs section on the top toolbar. Choose the gallery and look for our featured designs. The new designs are named Helios and Apollo. You'll be able to apply them to your website or download their source files. You can also check out images of the new designs in the LightCMS Design Viewer.

Featuring Sass and SCSS

These new designs utilize Sass and SCSS. Designers familiar with these languages can work with them natively in the source of these design files. This requires the use of a compiler such as CodeKit to render your SCSS code into stylesheets. If you are not familiar with Sass or SCSS, you can still work with these designs by modifying the rendered style.css stylesheet just as you would with any other design.