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  • 7 Best Practices to SEO Like a Pro

    When prospects search for products like yours, do they find you or your competitors? Getting to the top of the search engine rankings seems like an impossible task to many marketing managers. But it's neither complicated nor expensive.

  • Implementing Google Web Fonts on Your LightCMS Websites

    Years ago in times long forgotten, the web was a much uglier place — java applets here, flashing text there, animated GIFseverywhere, and lots of boring typography. Most of these problems were the result of poor taste or misguided content decisions and they have gradually disappeared as the collective consciousness has grown to despise them. However, one problem that has only recently been solved is the issue of lackluster typography.

  • How to Set Up Custom Facebook Page Tabs with Content Your Clients can Control

    Please note: This article was originally published on October 19, 2011 but has been updated and republished to reflect changes to Facebook's custom page tab layout for timeline view. Keeping up with Facebook can be a challenge. It was just a couple of years ago that we published this tutorial on setting up custom tabs on Facebook pages using FBML.

  • Using Facebook Comments with LightCMS

    Most of you likely already know that Facebook offers a handful of social plugins which can be used to integrate Facebook's functionality with your own website. One of the most intriguing of these plugins is the Facebook Comments Plugin. With Facebook Comments your site visitors can leave comments on your website just as if they were commenting on Facebook.

  • Using jQuery to Enhance Pages in Admin Mode

    Since LightCMS gives you full control over your HTML, CSS and JS, it is possible to create designs that position elements in a way that obstructs the view of certain admin controls when the user is in admin mode. The best approach to correct such issues is to modify your CSS. But what if you can't find an easy CSS solution?

  • The Casual Guide to Blogging for SEO

    The world of SEO is anything but black and white. Use tags, but not too many. That's probably too much.

  • It's That Easy: Adding Products to Your Store

    If you haven't tried out the new online store, you're really missing out on some of the best features of LightCMS. Plus, it's so easy to get started, there's really no reason not to give it a try. To help point you in the right direction, here's a little overview of the amazingly easy process of adding products to a LightCMS website.  In any editable region, click on "add element," scroll to "product listing" in the drop down menu, and hit the "add" button.

  • Tips for using blend modes for drop shadow or glow in Photoshop

    If you craft and cut up your web designs in Photoshop, chances are you've run into transparent PNGs that have gradients or drop shadows or outer glows that don't behave properly. Maybe you wanted to enrich the layer beneath's background color through the use of a color burn gradient. Or maybe you use the multiply blend effect to create a drop shadow.

  • Easy ways to start using advanced CSS techniques

    The new functions and features available in CSS3 can be intimidating and overwhelming at first. The best way to gain a foothold and get comfortable with it is to find the "low hanging fruit" in its new features. I've put together several of the ones I use personally, but I should also caution you in their use.

  • Start Using CSS3: RGBa and better shadows

    If you're like most designers, you've probably spent at least some time looking over the new features of "HTML5" and considering if or when you should switch over to it. Inevitably you're going to also run into the topic of CSS3. The changes can seem intimidating at first, but there are a lots of great reasons to start using the new features.