Three Tips for Generating Recurring Revenue with LightCMS

If you are a professional user of LightCMS, you are likely familiar with the advantages of having an enterprise-grade content management system (CMS) to help you manage your web design projects and the volumes of content that go with them. But in addition to its powerful website tools, LightCMS also offers design professionals something truly unique – the opportunity to build ongoing, recurring revenue and income stability. By signing up to recommend or resell LightCMS subscriptions, web designers, consultants and website hosting firms such as yours can generate a constant stream of recurring revenue, on top of providing your customers with the added advantages of a professional CMS. Here are a few tips for enhancing your web services AND your income.

1. Recommend LightCMS to others.

Our simple affiliate option is the easiest way to get started earning recurring revenue with LightCMS. Just sign up and use your custom affiliate links to promote LightCMS on your website, blog or through your social channels. For each new customer referred through your Affiliate links, you collect 20% of the subscription fees for the life of the subscription.

2. Sell software subscriptions with your other services.

You can take the LightCMS Affiliate program to the next level by making it a part of your business model. When a new client is hiring you for a website redesign, this is a perfect time to recommend a new web content management system as well. When they purchase a LightCMS subscription, you’ll receive the 20% affiliate commission without having to handle the billing and collections of subscription fees.

3. Create a one-stop-shop bundle.

Most clients need more than one service. Often they need not only design services or website hosting but also web content management software. Consider bundling a LightCMS subscription with your own consulting or support services. By bundling the services together and utilizing the LightCMS Reseller Program, you can increase the value of your packages and exercise the freedom to set your own prices for LightCMS subscriptions.

As you can see, LightCMS is more than just a content management tool. It’s also a powerful ally for your business. Because we built it this way from the beginning, we have been privileged to work with hundreds of world-class web designers who enjoy the benefits of earning recurring revenue from LightCMS. Won’t you consider joining them? Get started today!