Three new, free designs available now

We've added some new designs to our growing collection of free designs. As always, these designs are free for you to use as-is or to use as a starting point for your own designs. As long as the resulting website ends up on LightCMS, you have full license to modify and use these designs however you wish. Take a look, and remember you can access these and all other free designs from the "My Website -> Design" page on your top toolbar (be sure to log in first).

Northern Light

Note: Northern Light is our first free design to provide built-in styles for drop-down menus. Simply change the attribute showLevels=1 to showLevels=1,2 on the top global menu token, and the site will automatically create drop down menus for pages beneath the root level.

SqueezeBox Bellows

SqueezeBox sZero



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