The SXSW Trade Show 2012

The SXSW Trade Show opened yesterday. Day one of the trade show is always the busiest day for us as many of the attendees of the Interactive Conference rush in to check out the trade show booths. Our team was ready and waiting for them. Here's a look at the LightCMS crew in our booth just before the open.

From left to right: Tim Wall, Marketing Director; Chad Jaggers, Support Director; Matthew Sanders, Creative Director; and Matt Grimm, Software Engineer and Designer.

The booth is looking great this year, with a new banner reflecting the design of the new LightCMS website and including an "iPad, please!" thought bubble. "Why the thought bubble?" you ask. It's a part of our iPad giveaway. Visitors to the LightCMS booth can take their photo under the thought bubble and tweet it to be entered to win an iPad. So far, we've had a good number of fun tweets and photos. You can check some of them out by searching Twitter for LightCMS.

Of course, the best part of any conference is always getting to have conversations with so many great people about the LightCMS product. We've talked to designers and agencies who make websites for their own clients as well as individuals looking to build websites for themselves or for their businesses. It's always great to see and hear their feedback as we demonstrate the product to them. 

This is the first conference we've attended since rolling out the new toolbar interface and the feedback on its look and feel has been very positive. "Beautiful," "sleek," and "intuitive" are some of the words we commonly hear from visitors to the booth as they interact with LightCMS. We also hear a lot of great reaction when we demonstrate the online store and how easily it integrates into any site. Of course, the flexibility of design and the reselling tools like client billing are always big hits with those who sell websites to their own clients.

Matt and Matt answer questions about LightCMS while Tim demonstrates the software.

Every year, it seems that the familiarity with software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms like LightCMS increases. When we started at SXSW four years ago, most people were familiar with downloadable products but had less familiarity with the concept of using an SaaS model. But each year, the pendulum shifts more toward the SaaS model. This year continues that trend, which helps to solidify our belief that the SaaS model provides a very desirable option and that LightCMS is on the right side of that trend.

That's the report from Austin for today. We appreciate those of you who have stopped by to see us while here. For those of you who are not here in Austin, we've got another announcement for you that should be posted tomorrow. It's a nice little feature add that's scheduled to roll out later this week so stay tuned!