The Big Launch

The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived — your complete, fully-integrated online store is here! And while that development alone is huge, it's not the only thing we're launching today. Allow us take a moment to go over some of the great things we've released and what we're planning for the future.

The LightCMS Store: the Journey Begins

First and foremost, we've officially launched "The Store," a revolutionary integration of robust functionality seamlessly embedded into the user-friendly LightCMS system. You can now add products right onto your pages alongside your blog elements, photo galleries, calendars and more. Any element in any region on any page has always been our approach and the store fits right into this model.

What Does it Do?

The LightCMS Store is a complete ecommerce solution built right into your LightCMS website. The store lets you create products, organize them into product listings across your site, and provide your users with a seamless, secure shopping cart and checkout experience. Its powerful backend management system helps you fulfill orders and communicate with customers. The store is more than just a new feature, it's like a whole new product. You can find out more about the store on our new store page here on our website and the new store help section in the LightCMS User Guide.

What's On the Horizon?

We want to emphasize that this launch is only the beginning. There's much more ahead for the store. Even as we've been wrapping up this launch, we've also been planning our next steps. We've got several major updates on the way, including a groundbreaking, fully-integrated solution for the sale of downloadable goods. Plus, we'll be enhancing the store's shipping capabilities with real-time Fedex and UPS tie-ins, and much more.

New Templates, New Resources, and More!

Launching an online store just wasn't enough, so we're also rolling out a lot of other great things today as well.

Twelve New, Free Ecommerce Designs

We've added twelve new designs themes to the built-in LightCMS design gallery. These new designs are built specifically for sites centered on e-commerce. As always, our designs are free to use as is or to be modified to your needs. Check out the following new designs in the gallery:

  • Antiquarian
  • CanoeHut
  • Clear & Concise
  • Collars & Cuffs
  • Electrode
  • GuloBoy
  • NuFood
  • Portmanteau
  • PowerTap
  • Simple Side
  • Smoke
  • Zeloni

The LightCMS Site Reborn

Along with the launch of our online store, we've overhauled the entire LightCMS website. Our talented team has put together a slick new design and reworked the content to incorporate the new store functionality as well as the new LightCMS Designer Program (see below). The updated site also puts a bigger focus on LightCMS users with an expanded testimonials page and a new stories page focusing on case studies and quotes from LightCMS Designers.

The New LightCMS Designer Program

LightCMS has always been the leading provider of functionality specifically created to help designers and resellers build their businesses. Now, we're packaging all of that functionality up into what we are calling the LightCMS Designer Program. The LightCMS Designer Program doesn't cost a thing and any LightCMS account holder can opt in or out of the Designer Program at any time. 

All existing LightCMS Accounts were automatically enrolled in the LightCMS Designer Program at the point of launch, thereby ensuring they continue to have access to all of our tools. From this point forward, we're giving people the option to choose whether they want to have the Designer Program features in front of them. New accounts can make this choice on sign-up, and existing accounts can enable or disable this feature at any time by going to Account -> Account Settings -> LightCMS Designer Program. This will allow us to provide more advanced functionality for our designers and resellers without overloading users who may not need access to these tools.

The Account Support Site: Revamped and Relocated

Also with this release, we've overhauled and reorganized our LightCMS account support site. Previously, we had the majority of our account-level support content on a website at while keeping some resources and content on the website. We've now combined all of our account support resources into a section of the LightCMS website found at This includes a new and improved section on creating designs for LightCMS and an easier-to-navigate Token Reference Guide.

The advent of this new support site means that the old account support website will no longer be active so you'll want to update any bookmarks you may have to the new LightCMS Support section.

Coming Soon: Revamped Design Viewer

In the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out a new, improved design viewer. The new viewer looks great and is much better at helping the user sort through our available free designs. As always, we'll make the viewer available to you as a white-label resource to use in showing off the built in designs to your own clients. Stay tuned as we'll be posting more about this new viewer in the coming weeks.

Let Us Know What You Think!

This is an exciting day for us -- one of the biggest days in the history of our product and our company. We're extremely proud of our team that put this together, and we couldn't be more grateful or humbled by your loyalty, feedback, support, and participation. We're more than glad that we can bring you this kind of integrated functionality, and we can't wait to show you what else we have in store. Get it ... in store. Hahahaha! Sorry that's my lack of sleep talking.

Alright, enough said. Now go check out the store and let us know what you think!