The Best CMS for Your Church Website

There are many content management platforms to choose from, but none are better suited to meet the needs of today’s church organizations than LightCMS.  While LightCMS is well-suited to meet the needs of all types of businesses and organizations, it is particularly ideal as a content management system for churches. Hundreds of churches are using LightCMS’s easy-to-use platform to power their online ministries, and the reason why is simple — LightCMS was developed with the needs of the church organization in mind.

All About Communication

At the core, churches are all about communication. They have messages to communicate to their congregations and to the outside world. Church websites should serve as central hubs of communication, and a simple-to-use content management system like LightCMS makes this possible.

Sharing the Workload

Churches often have multiple departments for adults, children, youth, music and more. Each of these departments has its own need to communicate. So, it's very helpful if a church can distribute the workload of managing website content across multiple people. LightCMS provides unlimited user accounts on every website with powerful permissions control so that churches can let the people in charge of each department manage their own content.

A Snap to Learn

Most every church relies on a network of volunteers and/or part-time staff to get things done. In general, this can be a challenge for website management. But with an easy-to-use content management solution like LightCMS, it's a snap to teach people how to update website content and make small changes on their own.

Delivering Key Features for Church Websites

LightCMS has a wealth of content management features to meet the needs of any organization. Below are five key features often used by churches and how LightCMS makes each so simple to use:

  • The Blog Element. Blogging is all about sharing ideas and content regularly and this is what churches are all about. Articles, news, updates and more can be easily posted to LightCMS's blog element. Not only that, but including media with posts allows churches to share audio and video content as well.
  • The Events Calendar. Churches generally have a lot of events and LightCMS's built-in events calendar makes it easy to share those events anywhere on a website.
  • The Form Builder. There are many uses for our form builder, but one thing that's particularly helpful to churches is using it to register people for events. Within minutes, a church can launch a new sign-up form for any event and even accept registration fees online.
  • Accepting Donations. LightCMS's built-in donation element is as simple as it gets, or churches can choose to integrate third party donation systems as well.
  • Selling Products. Many churches occasionally sell products like sermon audio/video or items for fundraisers, etc. The great thing about LightCMS's store feature is that it can be used for selling just one product or hundreds – and those products can be placed anywhere on the website.

Fully-Featured for Churches of All Sizes

Perhaps the greatest feature of LightCMS isn't a feature at all. It's the pricing. LightCMS's pricing isn't based on what features you use, but rather the size of your website. We believe that organizations of any size should have access to all of the tools and functionality we provide. So, websites that use our entry-level $19/month plan get access to the same great tools as those on our higher-tiered plans. This is great news for churches who might not need a big website but still want a website that works well and meets their needs.

Don’t take our word for it, see how other churches are using LightCMS to create and manage beautiful, compelling websites that effectively communicate their church's message online.