Summer of Love This Week: Separate Product Option Dropdowns

The Summer of Love continues here at LightCMS and this time, it's our built-in store functionality that's getting a little love with new, improved ways to display your product options.

Thus far, all product options have been combined into a single dropdown list on a product's detail page. So, if you have a shirt that comes in three colors and each color has four sizes, customers have to select from a single dropdown menu displaying every possible variant of the product.

New: choose from three display options on the product settings screen.

Now, your options are getting more options, so to speak. You can set each product to display its options in one of the following ways:

  1. Single Dropdown List
  2. Multiple Dropdown Lists
  3. Radio Buttons

Method #1 leaves things just like they've always been. When we make the upgrade, all products will retain this setting so nothing will change on your existing products unless you specifically change them.

Options displayed as a single dropdown (current method).

Method #2 creates a separate dropdown list for each product option. The customer can then combine the options to specify the variant they are looking for. In this scenario, it may be possible for a customer to create a combination of options that doesn't actually exist or that is out of stock. If they do this, the "add to cart" button will disable and will change to say "unavailable."

Options displayed as multiple dropdowns.

Method #3 is just like Method #1, except instead of displaying the variants in a dropdown list, the system displays them as radio buttons. For shorter lists of options, this might be preferable so the customer can see all of the options at once.

Options displayed as radio buttons.

Ready to Launch June 13th

This new feature will roll out on Wednesday, June 13th. As mentioned, nothing will change for any of your existing products. Following the launch, you'll be able to visit your products' settings screens to change the option display, if you so desire.

One more note: the multiple dropdown method is dependent on the customer's browser having Javascript enabled. Therefore, if a customer visits with Javascript disabled, our system will automatically fallback to Method #1 to ensure they are still able to select and purchase their product.