Summer of Love this Week: Powerful Image Editing and Effects

The winds of change are in the air and summer is winding down, but we're cranking out as many features as we can before the great Summer of Love comes to an end. Today, we've got an amazing new addition that we know you're going to love. Introducing powerful new image editing and effects built right into the LightCMS Image Element.

If you haven't checked out the new Image Element yet, you might want to review this post which includes our Image Element video. It's an amazing new element that makes it incredibly easy to drag and drop high resolution images that get displayed at the right size every time.

Today's release enhances the Image Element, giving you the ability to edit your images and apply brilliant effects, filters and more right inside the LightCMS platform. These tools are powered by Aviary, a leading, cloud-based image editing solution that is now seamlessly integrated into LightCMS. You can use Aviary's powerful tools on any image uploaded to the Image Element, including single images, photo galleries, and slideshows.

To access the image editing tools, log into your site then locate an existing Image Element or create a new one. Select "Add or Edit Images" from the Image Element's menu and you'll see thumbnails of all the images currently stored in that Image Element. Clicking a thumbnail will load the image editing tools for that image (you can also click the "edit" link below the thumbnail). 

Once loaded, you can use the vast collection of image editing tools to make your changes. You can crop, adjust, resize, apply filters, color correct, and much more. All of your changes will be previewed live for you right in the interface. You can undo and redo changes as long as you are working inside the image editing interface. When ready, click the "Save" button to process your changes. Once you save the image, your original image file will be replaced with the modified version and your new, edited image will appear in the Image Element.

Advanced effects and filters are just a few of the many available image editing tools.

Please note the image settings that used to be accessed via the "edit" link (captions, descriptions, links ... etc.) can now be accessed via the small information icon at the lower right of each thumbnail. Of course, you can still reorder your images by simply clicking and dragging any thumbnail to a new location.

We're very excited to bring you this incredible upgrade. It's already up and running inside your LightCMS account at no additional cost. If you haven't tried out the new Image Element yet, I highly recommend you take some time to discover all it has to offer. Uploading, managing, editing and displaying brilliant images and galleries on your site has never been easier. We look forward to seeing all the ways you make use of the new Image Element.