Summer of Love this Week: Improved Page Bar with Design Editor Access

Things are heating up here at LightCMS headquarters. The temperature outside broke 100 degrees this week and the Summer of Love is in full swing. Today, we're bringing more love to the party with an update of the LightCMS Page Bar which includes one click access to the LightCMS Design Editor from any page on your site. Check out the details below.

The New Page Bar

The Page Bar is the small toolbar which is visible at the top right of your browser when you're editing a web page with LightCMS. The Page Bar has been around since we launched the new user interface a while back, but today we're giving it an update.

First off, the tools have been reordered. On the far left you will now see the Add Page icon. To the right of that you'll see the name of the template the current page is using and the opportunity to change that template. To the right of that you'll see the Preview icon then the Customize icon (this is the new one, see more below). And finally, at the far right, you'll see the Page Settings icon.

The New Customize Icon

The new addition to the Page Bar is the Customize icon, which looks like a paint brush. Clicking this icon launches the Design Editor with the current page's template automatically loaded up. This is a big shortcut that saves several clicks in the process of accessing the Design Editor from your pages.

The Page Bar's Customize tool also shows up on dynamic pages like blog posts, calendar events, and product detail screens. For these pages, the Customize tool will launch the Design Editor and load up the template that is used to display the detail content for these dynamic pages. Please note that on dynamic pages, the Page Bar contains less options — only Preview and Customize are included at this time.