Summer of Love This Week: Even More Design Control Through New Special Templates

Another sizzling-hot week, another sizzling-hot feature. That's how we roll with the Summer of Love. This week, we've got some new goodies for those of you who like to code and tweak and tinker with your own designs on LightCMS. We're introducing five new Special Templates which allow you to more precisely control the look and feel of specific areas of your website.

"What's a Special Template?" you ask.

Good question, and to answer it you might want to take a read through the first step of our documentation on creating your own designs for LightCMS. There you will find a good overview of Templates and Special Templates. Of course, if you aren't interested in creating your own designs for LightCMS, then just ignore all of this because you don't need to worry about it. This particular feature only really applies to those who create custom designs for our platform.

The new special templates are:

  1. blogdetail.html - used to display blog detail pages.
  2. calendardetail.html - used to display event detail pages.
  3. searchresults.html - used to display search results pages.
  4. sitemap.html - used to display the built-in, friendly sitemap (/sitemap).
  5. 404.html - used to display 404 error pages when a page cannot be found.

To celebrate these new Special Templates (and to demonstrate their use) we created a custom 404 error page for the LightCMS website. You can view it at any of the links below:

Enjoy the new Special Templates! More Summer of Love features are coming soon so stay tuned.