Summer of Love This Week: Blog Pings

As we mentioned a week or so ago, this summer is special for LightCMS. It's the Summer of Love — a summer full of new features for the LightCMS platform. And though it's technically not quite summer yet, we're kicking things off this week with a new release, scheduled for Wednesday, June 6th.

XML-RPC Blog Pings

The LightCMS blog element will be getting a lot of love this summer, and up first is the addition of built-in XML-RPC pings. Every blog element can be configured to ping a pre-defined set of popular services, or to ping a custom list of services you define yourself.

"What is this ping business?" you may ask. Pings are simply a method that many blog platforms use to automatically notify other websites that content has been added or changed on the blog. Pinging can help with getting your content indexed by certain sites in a timely manner. We'd highly recommend that all blog elements enable at least our pre-defined list of pings. Of course, you can customize your own list as well.

New Ping URLs section from the advanced tab of a blog element's settings.

All the configuration takes place on the advanced tab of your blog element's settings. It's very intuitive and easy-to-use. If you have a list of pings that you're using on another blog platform, those can easily be copied and pasted into LightCMS. You can also add them one at a time, or simply use our defaults.

Launching on Wednesday

Blog ping functionality will go live this Wednesday, June 6, 2012. Following this release, all newly-created blog elements will have our pre-defined list of services enabled by default. However, existing blog elements at the time of release will not be opted into these services. So, if desired, you'll need to enable pings on any existing blog element following our launch on Wednesday.

Enjoy and watch for more updates from the Summer of Love next week!