Summer of Love this Week: Blog Pingbacks

Another hot new release is rolling out today as a part of LightCMS's Summer of Love. We're bringing even more love to the blog element with blog Pingbacks, which launched this morning. Existing blog elements will have Pingbacks disabled by default so that nothing will change for current blogs. Moving forward, any new blog elements added will have Pingbacks enabled by default. Check out all the details below.

What Are Pingbacks?

Not to be confused with "Pings" (which we rolled out a few weeks ago), Pingbacks allow a blog to automatically link back to any blog that links to it. Here's a simple overview of how it works.

You publish a post on Blog A and in that post you include a link to a post on Blog B. Blog A pings Blog B to let it know about your link. Blog B automatically responds to the ping, usually by publishing a comment on its own post containing an excerpt from and a link back to the post you published on Blog A. Through this method, blogs can sort of pat each other on the back and say "Hey, thanks for the link and here's a link back to you," in an automated way. It also allows a post's comment thread to bring thoughts from outside articles into the discussion.

Of course, for this to work, both blogs have to support Pingbacks. LightCMS now supports sending and receiving Pingbacks and will interact with any other Pingback-supporting blogs.

How to Enable or Disable Pingbacks

There are three new settings related to Pingbacks in the LightCMS platform. Here's a look at them:

Under Blog Settings -> Basic Tab -> Comments Section  you will now find the "Prevent incoming pingbacks" setting (see below). Checking this box will prevent your blog element from responding to any incoming Pingback requests from other blogs. This means your blog won't automatically create comments linking back to other blogs when it detects incoming links from other blogs.

Under Blog Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Pings Section you will now find the "Prevent pingback requests to urls referenced in blog posts" setting (see below). Checking this box will prevent your blog from sending pings to outside blogs you link to in your posts, thereby preventing those blogs from automatically linking back to you.

Under Blog Post Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Comments section you will find the "Lock pingbacks to this post from now on" setting (see below). This allows you to override the blog-wide settings at the post level and prevent an individual blog post from responding to incoming Pingback requests.

Enabled by Default on New Blogs

The Pingback features went live this morning and all new blog elements created from this point forward will have Pingbacks automatically enabled (meaning all checkboxes described above will be unchecked by default). However, in order to prevent any unwanted changes to your existing blogs, we have disabled Pingbacks on any blog elements that were set up prior to this morning's release. If you wish to enable them, you will need to uncheck the boxes described above on the settings for your blog elements. You'll only need to change the blog-wide settings (the first two above) as we have only disabled Pingbacks at the blog level and not the blog post level.

Treated as Comments

If you enable your LightCMS blogs to respond to incoming Pingbacks, LightCMS will generate comments for any Pingback requests it receives. These comments will be treated as any other comment would be. They will be subject to the comment moderation settings you have enabled and you will receive email notification about them (if you have notifications enabled for comments). Also, you can moderate and delete Pingbacks just as you would any other comment.

For designers, Pingback comments will render with an additional class of "pingback" so that you can style them uniquely if you so choose.


We hope you enjoy the new blog Pingback features. Look for more feature love in the weeks to come!