Summer of Love This Week: Blog Pagination

Love is in the air. Can you feel it? This week we're bringing a whole lotta love to the LightCMS blog element with a very highly-requested feature we know you're going to love. It's blog pagination and it's ready to roll out tomorrow, June 20th.

How it Works

Blog pagination is a pretty simple feature but one we know is going to be used on a large number of blogs across our platform, starting with our own LightCMS blog! Simply put, this feature breaks up long lists of blog posts into separate pages, providing an auto-generated navigation element at the bottom of each blog list as well.

Note: pages generated by blog pagination are dynamic pages and will NOT count against the page limits of your website.

Once the feature is live, you can turn it on by visiting the settings of any blog element on your site. If the blog element uses one of our "list" skins (list, list with body, or list with summary) you will see an additional section for pagination immediately below the skin setting. Simply check the box to enable pagination and enter the desired number of posts per page. The default is 20 posts per page and the maximum allowed is 1,000 posts per page.

The blog settings screen allows you to enable pagination.

Once that is set, your blog list will automatically be limited to the number of posts you specified and page navigation will automatically be added to the bottom of the list (the page navigation is output using the exact same markup as our page navigation for product listings). 

The page navigation automatically appears at the bottom of your blog list.

That's it! Blog pagination is super simple to implement. We're excited to bring it to you tomorrow!