Summer of Love: Meta Descriptions for Posts and Events

The temperatures have dropped below 100 degrees but the Summer of Love is still going strong. Last week we slipped in a nice addition that we wanted to point out. It's the ability to add meta description content to blog posts and calendar events.

Meta description content allows you to provide a brief summary of your page, post or event that is often used by search engines and other systems to summarize information about your page. Additionally, when you provide a meta description, LightCMS uses it to populate the Open Graph Description tag which is used by Facebook when people share your page with their friends (get more details about LightCMS's Open Graph implementation on this post).

You've always been able to add meta descriptions to pages, but now that ability is expanded to dynamic pages such as blog posts and calendar events. You'll find the meta description on the advanced tab of the settings for your post or event. Enjoy the new feature and stay tuned for more!