Spotlight on Shine the Light!

Our Shine the Light! program got a little attention from The Wall Street Journal last week. We're honored that this major media publication took notice of all the great work that has been done by LightCMS customers through Shine the Light! Here's a little screen shot of the write up that appears on

In case you're not familiar with Shine the Light! here's a little more information. In the last year, we partnered with independent designers to provide ten different non-profit organizations with free websites including top-notch web designs and quality hosting on LightCMS. Designers using LightCMS who quality for our rewards program (with $100/month or more of recurring revenue) are eligible to donate one Shine the Light! website each year.

So, we gave away 10 last year, and this year we're resolving to double that number. But we can't do it without your help. If you participated in Shine the Light! last year, you're eligible to do it again in 2011. And if you didn't participate last year, would you consider giving it a shot this time? Check out our page for the Shine the Light! program for full details.