So You’re On the LightCMS Partner Platform…Now What?

You love designing websites, not dealing with invoices and conducting server maintenance. That is why you became a LightCMS partner in the first place, right? The LightCMS cloud-based content management and web design platform was set up to make it easier for designers to focus on the creative aspects of their business rather than getting bogged down in the operational details. But to develop a strong presence as a web design firm, you should first learn about and how to take advantage of the LightCMS partner tools. Here are some of the resources and advice to get you on the right track.

How-to videos and documentation. On the LightCMS partner help site, you’ll find a lot of helpful articles, videos and documentation on using the LightCMS tools, as well as tips showing how to customize sites for different clients.

Free demo sites. LightCMS provides each partner with one free site. You can choose to use that as your actual business website, or turn it into a demo site to showcase your capabilities and the LightCMS platform. With the help of LightCMS’s free design templates, you don’t need to be an expert designer to quickly create a working demo. In fact, it’s possible to develop a demo site of two to four pages in less than an hour using a template, some of your own photos, corporate logo and web copy. In addition, you can leverage the LightCMS 14-day trial period that each new customer gets to create a custom demo for each hot prospect, then activate it when they’re ready to go forward.

Responsive design templates. Today’s websites have to be accessible by all types of devices, from cell phones and tablets to large desktop monitors. That requires responsive web design, an approach for creating sites that can automatically adapt to the screen sizes of a wide range of devices. To ensure your clients’ sites can support their customers’ diverse needs, LightCMS provides multiple responsive design templates, free to its partners. You can also develop and implement your own custom templates. Once you’re happy with your template, just drop in a tiny snippet of code wherever you want your users to be able to add or edit content. The LightCMS system takes care of the rest.

Flexible packaging options. LightCMS charges $19 per month per site. However, partners have a variety of different ways they can charge their customers. You can add 10, 20, 50 percent or more to the monthly price and bill customers the fees that you choose. Or you can have LightCMS bill you directly for the $19 while you bill your customers separately for hosting, design services, or other extras. Or you can bundle your services with LightCMS and create different packages to target different customer needs. For example, you might offer a one-time website and logo redesign package for a new business which wants to then take over management of its own site, while offering another package for long-term customers as part of a new customer web redesign package. Another bundle might provide long-term web site consulting, design and management services to a client who wants to outsource the oversight of it. You have the flexibility to create the packages and price structure best suited to your company.

Marketing assistance. LightCMS offers advice on how to market and grow your business. If you’re new to the business, think about what types of organizations you want to focus on, and what services to sell. If you’ve already designed a few websites, consider targeting other businesses in those niches. Local churches, nonprofits, legal firms, schools, fitness centers, medical clinics, hair salons . . . they all need help designing web sites just for their businesses. There are dozens of potential markets, but it’s best to start with two or three and expand as you get more reference clients. Your LightCMS account manager can provide feedback and advice, and you’ll also find articles and blog posts on the LightCMS web site.

Whether you're designing a single site or building a web design business, the LightCMS Partner Platform has the tools to help you do it well.

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