Sign up your friends and get the new Web Designers Are Sexy t-shirt!

With the new look we've given to our Web Designers Are Sexy gear, we also want to provide you with a great opportunity to get it! You can't buy these shirts from any store. Nope, there's only one way to get one, and that's by performing random, astounding feats of awesomeness, like what we describe below.

Starting today, December 1, you will be able to acquire one of our new Web Designers are Sexy shirts. All you have to do is follow these four simple steps:

  1. Be the proud owner of a LightCMS account. If you don't have one already, it's free to get one at
  2. Get four friends who don't already have LightCMS accounts to sign up for their own, free LightCMS accounts, also at Do this by December 15th, 2010.
  3. As your friends create their accounts, have them put your email address OR your Twitter handle in the promo code area (step 4 of the sign-up process) shown below. All four friends must use the same promo code and it must be either a valid email address or a Twitter handle so that we can contact you.

    web designer t-shirt

  4. Collect your free Web Designers Are Sexy t-shirt so you can can go forth and be sexy like this guy!

    T-shirt 2

Details: This promotion will run for two weeks (until Wednesday, Dec. 15). All accounts must be created by 5:00pm CST on that day. If we find four accounts in our system with your email address or your Twitter handle in the promo code field, we will contact you at the email address or Twitter name with the details of fulfilling your prize. Important: all four friend accounts must use the exact same promo code.