Shine the Light! Case Study: Sean Lukasik

Sean Lukasik is a LightCMS reseller that has recently participated in our Shine the Light! program, a program that allows resellers to donate a website with up to one full year free on LightCMS. Through the program, Sean donated a website to the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes. He employed a very unique method for creating a design, involving the students of a design class he teaches in this philanthropic project. 

We asked Sean a few questions about his experience with Shine the Light! so that we could share it with you. Please take a look at our interview with Sean below.

Sean's story has been featured in our recent press release about Shine the Light! as well.

Here's a look at the site he designed and donated:

The interview

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work:

A: I grew up in Buffalo, NY, with my fair share of snow days and boring sports teams. When it was too cold outside (about half the year), my imagination brought life to empty canvasses. Today, I use my creativity in many different forms: graphic design, improvisational acting, volunteering for nonprofits, playing music, and marketing campaigns. The authenticity and flexibility I’ve gained from these collective experiences has helped my business and my clients’ businesses grow strategically.

Q: Why did you choose this non-profit organization to receive your donation?

A: I’m on the board for the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes. I love their music and how they stay dedicated to a relatively small network of communities in Upstate New York. They have a goal of attracting younger audience members to their concerts, and I knew the website would play a big role in that success.

Q: How did your design process work?

A: I’m a web design teacher at a local community college. Throughout the semester, my students practice graphic design techniques and apply them to website designs. More importantly, they learn the process of working with clients, creating effective calls to action, designing for content management systems, and optimizing sites for search engines. At the end of the semester, I invited the OSFL to present their need for a new website. For their final project, the students each designed a site they thought would most effectively represent the orchestra and its brand. They presented their website designs to the marketing committee of the Board of Trustees. After the projects were submitted and the board discussed their favorites, one design was selected to be the next OSFL website.

Q: Did you feel that the project was a success?

A: The project was a win-win for my students and the organization. The students got some “real-life” experience, learning the ins and outs of working with a specific client and trying to meet their needs. The Orchestra got a free web design and, thanks to the “Shine the Light!” program, will also get free CMS hosting.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: The Shine the Light! program gave me a creative way to teach. It also helped me provide a cheap solution for a nonprofit looking for a fresh, effective web presence. I plan on recreating this project at the end of every semester as long as I’m teaching!