Shine the Light Case Study: Prime Incorporated

Shine the Light! is LightCMS's ongoing program of giving where we partner with web designers around the world to donate websites to deserving non-profit organizations in their communities. Today, I'd like to share with you about one such Shine the Light! project created by Prime Incorporated, a Gold-level LightCMS design company in Bozeman, Montana.

Ben Fjare of Prime Incorporated chose to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin County with their donation. Ben was gracious enough to answer a few questions about his Shine the Light! project. See below for more about his great work. First, here's a quick look at the organization's old site, and the new site created by Ben and his team.

Previous Site
New Site

Q&A with Ben Fjare

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.
My name is Ben Fjare. I am a co-owner of Prime Incorporated, a small graphic and web design studio located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. I am currently in charge of all our web design and development, and do most of our coding as well as interface design. We specialize in creative brand and marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as SEO and social media marketing.

Why did you choose this non-profit organization?
I serve on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin County. The incredible service they do providing mentorship to youth is very important to me. Children who are either part of single parent households or in dysfunctional families are getting positive influences that are statistically shown to greatly increase their chances of success later in life.

What inspires you most about their work?
Every board meeting we have a big, little, or parent come in and discuss how the program has affected them. The stories always start with difficult situations that are less than ideal for a child. However, they always leave me feeling great about what this organization does and how greatly it can change lives. The parents just floor you with amazing stories and praise.

How did you go about addressing the specific needs of this organization?
Communicating what was wrong with the old website was, of course, step one. Then we started stripping out unneeded or excessive content and reformatting anything remaining. Angela, the BBBS-GC marketing director, did a great job of streamlining the information (there is a lot of it). She worked with me to create a structure that was easy to navigate and edit internally. This site is as much her baby as it is mine.

What was unique about this project?
I had never worked on something that was under a national umbrella this large before. It was interesting making sure the branding was in compliance and consistent.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

  1. I would like to give a huge shout out to BBBS-GC's staff, board, satellite directors, and most importantly the bigs for all their hard work to help these kids out.
  2. The Shine the Light! program is amazing and you guys deserve a big, awkwardly-long hug. Trust me, someday I will collect on this. We love LightCMS here at Prime and we don’t care who knows it. I'll scream it from the top of a mountain, or just type it in all caps on Facebook.
  3. If anyone wants to volunteer to help their community I strongly recommend you visit your local Big Brothers Big Sisters office and see what it’s all about. I promise the child’s life is not the only one that is going to benefit.

A Few Words from the Benefited Organization

We also asked Angela Pickett, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin County, if she would tell us about how this new website is helping her organization. Here's a bit of what she had to say.

"We love the look of our new web site and the fact that it is so easy to work with and update. Our new website helps us share information with our supporters, matches, communities and families. It allows volunteers to sign up and find out about different opportunities to get involved with BBBS. Through our new site, we can be more supportive of our business donors and sponsors and now support them with images and links to their sites. We hope our site will be a place where the community can come back to visit frequently to find any information they need about our organization."

To find out more about how you can participate in LightCMS's Shine the Light! program, please visit our LightCMS giving page.