Seven Easy Steps to Setting Up a Web Design Business on LightCMS

In nearly every circumstance, simplicity is better than complexity. Luckily for those in the web design business, LightCMS makes it very simple to start or grow your business with the new LightCMS Partner Platform. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you get started.

Build Your Web Business with LightCMS

1. Get a Partner Platform Account. 

First, you’ll need to sign up for the new LightCMS Partner Platform. The Partner Platform gives you access to all of LightCMS’s reselling tools, plus a free website for your own company and 80% off the base price of the LightCMS Unlimited Plan. Learn all about the new Partner Platform and sign up for a FREE product tour on our Partners Page.

2. Add the Signup Element. 

The Signup Element is a feature of the Partner Platform that lets your customers sign up for 14-day trial websites under your LightCMS account through a form on your own site. You can upload your own design to be used on these websites and even use a custom sub-domain for the sites that are created.

3. Use Our Designs. 

LightCMS offers a selection of free responsive web design templates that you can sell to your clients or use as starting points for custom designs. Showcase our selection of built-in designs by using our handy Design Viewer.

4. Create Free Trial Sites for Your Clients. 

Since websites on LightCMS have a 14-day trial, you can create demo sites for all of your potential clients. They can sign up through the sign-up element (mentioned above) or you can create sites for them through your account dashboard. It takes just a few seconds to create a new site. With the Partner Platform, all of your websites can be managed under one single account.

5. Use Your Own Domains.

Even on trial websites, you can use your own custom domains. Just add a domain in your website's settings and then point the address record for your domain to our IP address.

6. Never Pay Until You're Ready to Launch. 

With the Partner Platform, you can continue developing and building your client websites even after the free trial has expired. Simply log in to build and manage your sites and then, when you’re ready, upgrade them to take them live to the public!

7. Bill Your Clients at Prices You Set. 

The LightCMS Partner Platform offers you a base price of $19/month for each website under your account, but you can bill your clients any amount of your choosing. With automated client billing, we can even do the billing for you at prices you set. What could be easier?

That's it! You can see why we call it quick and easy. With the LightCMS Partner Platform and all of its included features, it’s easy to begin building and growing your web design business.

Need more information? See for yourself how these design agencies are using LightCMS to grow and easily manage their successful web design businesses.