Selection of HTML5 resources

Today we've decided to put together a broad swath of sites that will show you some great ways to utilize HTML5 (and even a little CSS3). There are many helpful reference tools here to strengthen your grasp on the new terms, tags, and elements. We've also included a selection of eyebrow-raising links that will show you a bit of what HTML5 is capable of. Finally there are some great galleries created by other designers to serve as inspiration for your own designs.

HTML5 references

Just for show

  • 9elements - an awesome example of canvas in the form of music and interactive, blinky circles
  • CSS3 ATAT - the one and only non-Flash animated ATAT
  • Dynamic Shadow - another great example of CSS3 using an interactive lightbulb and a shadowbox
  • Sketchpad - a web-based paint application and fantastic example of the power of HTML5's canvas
  • HTML5: seriously, it's not just for video - a compilation of great examples of what HTML5 is capable of

HTML5 galleries for inspiration

We hope you find these helpful! Let us know if you have any similar links that aren't listed.

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