Scheduled upgrades to the LightCMS hosting infrastructure

We're always working to keep the hosting infrastructure that supports the LightCMS platform at the top of its game. We're very proud of the infrastructure we've built thus far, and we are committed to continually upgrading and improving it.

One such upgrade is scheduled for this Sunday, March 6th. This one is a bit technical in its description, so I'll try to summarize. We're essentially doubling the redundancy on the master routers which keep all of the traffic flowing smoothly in and out of the system.

It's easy to type, but actually quite complicated to perform. Therefore, we have scheduled a maintenance window of five hours, from 12am to 5am Central Standard Time (GMT-6) on Sunday, March 6, 2011. Though we are hopeful the upgrade will take less time, we want to be sure you are aware of the potential for our system to be offline during any part of, or possibly all of, that window.

As always, you can get real-time updates during the maintenance window on our system status page.

Thank you for your continued support of LightCMS and for your understanding during this maintenance window.