Run Your Design Business Without Giving Up Your Life

Finding and maintaining a healthy work/life balance is a never-ending challenge for almost everyone. Finding that balance is especially difficult for those who run their own businesses, and if they aren’t careful, their businesses may have a tendency to run them. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Photo of the Granata family working with LightCMS at their home

Take, for example, Hannah and Eric Granata. The Oklahoma-based couple has four young children, two giant dogs, a cat, and a few other pets. They educate their children at home and Eric works at a full-time job for a promotional products distributorship. Plus, in their “spare" time, they also own and operate Screen Four Solutions, a creative design and branding company specializing in developing beautiful, practical websites for a growing base of clients.

Their key to success is keeping things simple. Creating simple solutions to complex problems is a difficult task, but the Granatas have made a business of it, with the help of technology like the LightCMS content management system. With LightCMS, the Granatas are able to run and grow a profitable website business while still enjoying a very full life together as a family. In fact, the success and portability of Screen Four Productions allows them to dream of one day taking their life on the road.

“We’ve always had an idea that one day maybe we’ll sell everything and travel the country in an RV or something,” Eric Granata says with a smile. "Since we homeschool the kids we can educate them anywhere. And with Screen Four and LightCMS, we can still generate income no matter where we are. It’s a dream, anyway. A pretty nice dream.”

In the video below, the Granatas give us a sneak peek into their busy lives and share how LightCMS has lightened their load so they can find the balance between meeting the needs of their clients and enjoying life with their family.

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