Retail Spotlight: Hoboken Coffee Roasters

For a lot of people, nothing perks up the day like a good cup of freshly-brewed coffee. And for an upstart coffee house, nothing perks up business like a good website that showcases the coffee experience and invites java lovers to visit for a cup.

Hoboken Coffee Roasters

That’s the recipe at Hoboken Coffee Roasters, a warm, eclectic and rustic coffee shop opened in December 2012 in the Oklahoma town of Guthrie, pop. 10,000. Based on LightCMS, the Hoboken Coffee website is the digital sugar and spice for a small business that Trey and Mallory Woods launched with a vision, passion and a lot of hard work.

Married in 2008, the young Guthrie natives percolated a dream of opening a coffee shop. They moved from Oklahoma to Oregon, immersing themselves in the vibrant coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest. After a year, the inspired couple sold their car to purchase an espresso machine and rode bicycles the 2,200 miles back to Guthrie.

They found a downtown Guthrie spot for the coffee shop—a dingy old auto garage full of junk and lacking water, electricity and even a bathroom. In a labor of love over more than a year, the Woods painstakingly transformed the high-ceilinged space into what today is an aesthetically distinctive haven for coffee lovers from Guthrie and beyond.

Digital Destination for Coffee Lovers

Thankfully, building the Hoboken Coffee Roasters website wasn’t nearly as challenging as the top-to-bottom garage renovation. Recommended by a cousin of Trey’s, LightCMS proved to be an ideal platform for Hoboken Coffee to spotlight its brand and products and offer coffee for sale through an online store.

“I knew how important a website was, but I’d never done one and didn’t know how much work was involved,” Trey Woods said. “We’ve been extremely pleased with LightCMS. I can’t imagine how much money and time I would have spent with some other web company.”

With implementation by the LightCMS services team and graphics crafted by a professional designer, the Hoboken Coffee site has proven instrumental in attracting customers and driving revenue. Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) elevates Hoboken Coffee in Google and other search results, driving both website and in-store traffic.

According to Woods, it’s not uncommon for traveling coffee-lovers to find Hoboken Coffee on the web and hop off the nearby U.S. 35 interstate to refresh themselves with a cup of freshly ground coffee, with beans from Ethiopia, El Salvador and elsewhere. “We’ve had people from Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas… they’ll come in and say, ‘Oh, we were driving on I-35 and found your coffee shop on the web,’” Woods said. “It’s pretty cool.”

A Great Experience for Mobile Users

Many of those traveling customers access the Hoboken Coffee site by smartphones or tablets, getting a rewarding online experience through LightCMS responsive design capabilities that enable a site to automatically adapt to whatever mobile or other device is used to access it.

“People really appreciate how our website adjusts automatically to the screen size of a tablet or smartphone,” Woods said. “I’m a little surprised to see how many people visit a website from a phone—we can see that information through LightCMS.”

The LightCMS experience is easy not just for the site visitor—it’s simple for Hoboken Coffee as well. Ease of use in managing content, images and the online store means the Woods can spend more time roasting beans, brewing coffee and delivering the perfect cup.

While most business is in the shop, the online store lets Hoboken Coffee offer its fresh roasted coffee to customers far and wide. Meanwhile, the Woods have taken advantage of LightCMS’s built-in blogging capabilities to highlight news and events, aligning with the shop’s social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Our website represents us perfectly. I’m excited as a business owner to have a presence online that I can point people to and be proud of,” Woods said. “I would definitely recommend LightCMS to any small business owner.”

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