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    From the Frontline: Tips for Running a Design Agency

    We are in the business of helping designers and design agencies succeed and grow. This is precisely the reason why we launched the LightCMS Developer Program more than a year ago. The Developer Program enables designers and resellers to focus on what they do best in creating leading-edge websites with a standards-based platform that does not require special programming languages while offloading server maintenance, hosting and upgrades to us.

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    Evolve Creative Takes Flight with LightCMS

    Sarah Hokuf, the founder of Evolve Creative, a website design and branding agency, likes how LightCMS empowers web designers to showcase their creativtity in building websites with powerful visual impact. But Hokuf has also found that LightCMS also offers great flexibility on the technical development side of site creation. “WordPress developers might see LightCMS as simpler and want more advanced features, but I feel there’s nothing you can’t do in development with LightCMS,” said Hokuf.

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    Five Design Elements to Help Maximize Online Sales

    Website design trends are constantly evolving, often leaving those responsible for ecommerce either scrambling to keep up or simply resigned to the fact that they’re running an outdated site. But keeping the online shopping experience fresh does not require a complex and costly tear-down every year to meet shifting preferences. Following these five design tips will help to create fresh, modern storefronts for your clients that their customers can access anytime, anywhere.

  • New Features: Social Icons and More!

    We're very pleased to kick off this week and this month with some very exciting new features. The first of these is a very highly-requested addition that will be a fantastic benefit for LightCMS customers and for our design partners and their clients. Take a look below to check out everything that's new.

  • Two New Responsive Designs Released

    We're releasing two new, fully-responsive designs today. As always, these designs are available to be used on any LightCMS website at no extra charge. They are customizable through our built in Design Editor.

  • Responsive Web Design Techniques and Tips

    Your customers are coming to your website over a myriad of devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktops, and the range will likely grow as smaller devices and different sizes of screens come onto the market. To ensure that all of these devices can get full functionality from your site and that your team isn't wasting time creating multiple versions of your main site to accommodate each device, you need to integrate responsive design techniques into your web design. Responsive web design is a...

  • New Features: 10 New Responsive Design Templates and More!

    Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added ten new, responsive designs to the LightCMS system. As always, these designs are available to be used on any LightCMS website at no extra charge. They are customizable through our built in Design Editor and advanced users can even download their source code to use them as starting points for their own designs.

  • Latest Responsive Design: Grasp

    We're adding another fantastic, mobile-friendly, responsive design to the LightCMS platform. Grasp is our newest addition and it's available free inside your LightCMS account. Check out images and more details below.

  • Partner Spotlight: Collision Media Balances Style and Substance with LightCMS

    Collision Media is a LightCMS Professionals partner based in Nashville, Tenn. who has built its business around the LightCMS content management system to create more than 200 websites (and counting) for clients — many of them churches, ministries and non-profit organizations. Like many web design agencies, Collision Media started out working with open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, but quickly realized these systems were incapable of meeting its needs.

  • Five Ways to Grow Your Design and Ad Agency

    If you're like many creative professionals in a design business, you're probably not as focused as you should be on growing your company. You'd rather work on your next great design than call former customers to ask for a referral. But without those calls and referrals, the business won't last long.