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  • Run Your Design Business Without Giving Up Your Life

    Finding and maintaining a healthy work/life balance is a never-ending challenge for almost everyone. Finding that balance is especially difficult for those who run their own businesses, and if they aren’t careful, their businesses may have a tendency to run them. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Partner Spotlight: UK Website Design Firm Takes its Business to New Heights with LightCMS

    Website design firm, Independent Web Marketing, was started back in 1996 by Mark Caswell during a time when he says selling website design “was like selling double glazing whilst having to explain what glass was.” The Lincolnshire-based company now serves clients that range from a small hot air balloon company to the British Athletes Commission, a government funded organization representing 1,500 elite athlete members, many competing at the Olympics. Three years ago, he realized that the cloud w...

  • Church Spotlight: Bethany First

    Bob Miller, communications pastor at the Bethany First Church of the Nazarene in Bethany, Okla., is constantly being asked how he and his team manage a beautiful church website that reaches his church's more than 2,500 congregants and prospective church members. The answer he gives is LightCMS. The LightCMS content management system was selected to replace a difficult to manage, custom-built website.

  • Retail Spotlight: Sugarillashop

    The women behind Sugarillashop share a passion for fashion. For several years, they talked about the idea of launching an online store in hopes of sharing their love of chic, sophisticated styles from names like Naven, Greylin, Mink Pink, and Parker with like-minded shoppers. But the technical details of such an endeavor were intimidating.

  • Church Spotlight: Council Road Baptist

    These days, a church website is as vital as the church leaders themselves in growing and engaging the congregation and spreading God’s word. Making its web presence a top priority, Council Road Baptist Church in Oklahoma City replaced its custom-built legacy site after realizing it could no longer meet their needs or the needs of its ministry after six years of use. Times were changing and the way in which people communicate and want to receive or find information was also changing…fast.

  • Partner Spotlight: Collision Media Balances Style and Substance with LightCMS

    Collision Media is a LightCMS Professionals partner based in Nashville, Tenn. who has built its business around the LightCMS content management system to create more than 200 websites (and counting) for clients — many of them churches, ministries and non-profit organizations. Like many web design agencies, Collision Media started out working with open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, but quickly realized these systems were incapable of meeting its needs.

  • Case Study: LightCMS Powers Over 200 Websites for FCA

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is the largest Christian sports organization in America. With over 900 staff and thousands of volunteers deployed in locally-focused areas across the United States, FCA has a great need to provide powerful and accessible tools to allow each local chapter to thrive in its community.  That's why FCA turned to LightCMS. Over the past few years, FCA has deployed over 200 locally-oriented websites on the LightCMS platform, each individually built and ma...

  • Inventure Donates New Website to Kid's Marathon Foundation through Shine the Light!

    It's always a joy to spread the word about the good work designers are doing through LightCMS's Shine the Light! program. With Shine the Light!

  • Shine the Light Case Study: Prime Incorporated

    Shine the Light! is LightCMS's ongoing program of giving where we partner with web designers around the world to donate websites to deserving non-profit organizations in their communities. Today, I'd like to share with you about one such Shine the Light!

  • Case Study: Wild Ink Press Brings Letterpress Craftsmanship to LightCMS

    For those of us who spend our lives in the world of web development, the old-school charm of a business centered around printing on one-hundred-year-old presses may seem both curious and refreshing. So, when we came across such a business using LightCMS to promote and sell their beautiful products, we were intrigued and excited to spread the word about their work. Fortunately, Wild Ink Press was kind enough to oblige our request for an interview. I hope you'll take the time to learn about t...

  • LightCMS Case Study with Creatovision Design Group

    About Creatovision "Our vision is clear: We're quite simply a team of highly creative and experienced designers who focus on communicating your brand to the customer down the street or on the other side of the world." Location: Orange County, CA Website: http://www.creatovision.com/ Primary contact: Justin Juknelis Samples of Creatovision's work: Q & A How does LightCMS make things easier for your business? With LightCMS, we've been able to turn websites around much more efficiently tha...

  • LightCMS Case Study: Inventure

    Inventure is happily celebrating their tenth year in business in 2011. They started small, but their services compare with any big firm. They specialize in web and graphic design, branding, and content management systems.

  • LightCMS Case Study: Strategy

    Strategy is a marketing firm specializing in new and emerging media. We fill the void between boutique design shops and big ad agencies by providing small and mid-sized organizations with creative, strategic solutions that won’t break their wallets. About Strategy Location: Olathe, KS Website: http://www.strategynewmedia.com Primary contact: sales@strategynewmedia.com Strategy's work as featured in the LightCMS Gallery: Q & A How does LightCMS make it easier for you to do busi...

  • Shine the Light! Case Study: Sean Lukasik

    Sean Lukasik is a LightCMS reseller that has recently participated in our Shine the Light! program, a program that allows resellers to donate a website with up to one full year free on LightCMS. Through the program, Sean donated a website to the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes.