Recapping the Summer of Love 2012

Back in May, we officially designated the summer season as LightCMS's Summer of Love, promising to deliver wave after wave of new features and to fill the world with immeasurable laughter and delight. Now the Summer of Love has come to an end and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished. We're still trying to determine if our levels of laughter and delight were truly immeasurable. This may take us some time. However, we can say with absolute certainty that we added a whole bunch of new, exciting features. Let's take a look at all that's new.

The Image Element with AdaptiveImage Technology

We added a brand-new element to LightCMS. The Image Element uses our own AdaptiveImage technology to intelligently display images at the right size for any device or screen. You can use the Image Element to display individual images or to create brilliant photos galleries or slideshows with multiple images. A few weeks after we launched the Image Element, we enhanced it further with powerful, built-in image editing and effects.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design

We announced our new strategy for adding mobile-friendly, responsive designs to the LightCMS platform. Following our initial announcement and the re-release of Haus in responsive form, we deployed a series of new, responsive designs to the platform. In addition, we rolled out enhanced mobile support on photo galleries to improve the user experience when viewing photo galleries on smaller devices.

Blog Improvements

The LightCMS blog received a lot of attention during the Summer of Love. New blog features include Pings, Pingbacks, Meta Descriptions for Blog Posts (also applies to Calendar Events), and Pagination. In addition, we've added a new option for blog comments through seamless integration with Disqus, the world's leading discussion platform.

Facebook Open Graph

All LightCMS websites now offer fully automated integration with Facebook's Open Graph protocol. This means that your pages and posts look better when they are shared or liked on Facebook. Open Graph integration also gives you the opportunity to control how your pages appear, including managing the images that are used by Facebook when displaying a link to your page.

The LightCMS Affiliate Program

Now you can be rewarded for sharing LightCMS with others. Refer a website to LightCMS and you'll earn 20% of that website's monthly revenue for the life of the site. The numbers can really add up. Check out the LightCMS Affiliate Program today!

Store Improvements

The LightCMS store functionality continues to grow in popularity and the Summer of Love added a couple nice improvements for those who sell products on their LightCMS websites. Separate product option dropdowns improve the customer's experience when configuring a product with several options. We also added the ability to specify handling fees on a per-variant level. These fees are bundled with shipping charges and added to the customer's order at checkout.

Design Editor Enhancements

Customizing your design with the LightCMS Design Editor has never been easier. The Summer of Love made it easier to access the Design Editor with a single click from the new Page Bar. We also added the ability to add or edit your website's background image as well as controlling background images on any region that can be accessed through the Design Editor.

Tools for Custom Design

For those who create their own designs with LightCMS, we added a few niceties to our industry-leading design system. First, we provided even more control over specific page layouts through the addition of several new special templates. Then, we provided an alternative to using special templates through the implementation of new dynamic body classes.

Additional Features

The new ESC Hotkey provides a simple way to log into your site from any page. It also offers a far more streamlined way to move to editing mode when you are navigating your site and come across something you'd like to change. Also, central sign-in through offers all LightCMS customers a central place from which they can log in to any of their websites.

Much More to Come!

It's been a great summer with lots of new features added. We're thrilled about the work our team has been able to accomplish over these past few months. But be assured, the end of the Summer of Love doesn't really change anything for us. We're always hard at work on new features and improvements to keep LightCMS at the top of its game for our customers. You can look forward to some great things coming over the next few months and beyond. Stay tuned!