Pricing Plan Improvements, System Upgrades, and More!

UPDATE (8/10/2011) - After working with our new infrastructure for several hours on our live system, we determined it was not meeting our high standards of performance and, therefore, we have reverted back to our original configuration. We are keeping the storage limit increases and the transaction fee changes discussed in this article, but the infrastructure improvements discussed here have been postponed.

We're rolling out some big improvements to our pricing plans as well as a major system infrastructure upgrade next week. There are several things related to these improvements that we want you to know. Please read through the following information to be sure you're aware of what's coming.

Huge Storage Limit Increases!

First off, every paid website plan is getting a major increase in storage limits. We're doubling the storage limits on our Basic, Plus, Advanced, and Pro plans and more than quadrupling the storage limit on our Premier plan. Here's a look at the changes.

  • Basic - 1 GB (was 500 MB)
  • Plus - 2 GB (was 1 GB)
  • Advanced - 6 GB (was 3 GB)
  • Plus - 12 GB (was 6 GB)
  • Premier - 50 GB (was 12 GB)

No More Transaction Fees on Premier Plan!

We're further improving our top level plan by removing transaction fees for all store transactions.

Huge Technology Infrastructure Improvements

At the same time, we're launching the largest infrastructure upgrade we've ever performed. This upgrade dramatically improves our system's file storage and handling capabilities, keeping us ahead of the unprecedented growth LightCMS continues to experience. This file system upgrade makes it possible for us to increase our storage limits as described above. It also provides additional data security and backups, beyond the already fanatical backup system we have in place.

One Change: Lowercase Filenames

There is one global change you may notice when we implement these upgrades. All file names stored on our system will be forced to lowercase. This will happen automatically and will have no effect on your websites. URLs referencing your files will continue to work, even if they include capitalization. In other words, the file name will be stored on the server in lowercase, but you can request that file using any casing you want and it will work. 

For example:

  • If your current file name is: myPhoto.jpg
  • And you reference that photos like this: src="images/myPhoto.jpg"
  • Your file name will be changed to: myphoto.jpg
  • Your reference (src="images/myPhoto.jpg") will stay the same and will continue to reference the file correctly, even though the capitalization is different.
  • You could also reference the file as: src="images/mYpHoTo.jPg" and it would still work.

Why this change? The new file name structure is required for the file system upgrades we're making, plus it makes our system faster and more efficient. And remember, you won't have to do anything with regards to this change. The only thing you will notice is that the names of your files have been changed to all lowercase. Everything else will continue to function as normal.

Launch Information

All of these improvements are scheduled to launch on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 at 11:00pm CDT (GMT-5). We do not anticipate any downtime for this upgrade, but as with any major change, there is the potential for unexpected interruption in service so we want you to be aware.

Potential for Inaccessible Files During Transition

Migrating files to our new infrastructure will be a progressive process. To be completely sure that your files are accessible immediately following the switch, we recommend not editing any existing files or uploading any new files in the seven hours leading up to the switchover. While you won't lose any work, files you change or upload after 4pm CDT on Tuesday may not be accessible until we do our post-migration sync following the switch. To further clarify:

  • If you upload or edit files before 4pm CDT on Tuesday, those files will be alive and well when we make the switchover.
  • If you upload files after 4pm on Tuesday, those files will become inaccessible when we make the switch at 11pm, but they will become accessible again by 6am CDT the next morning at the very latest.
  • If you modify an existing file, such as a template file, after 4pm on Tuesday, the file will revert to its previous version (the version that existed before 4pm) when we make the switch at 11pm, then your new, modified version will become accessible again by 6am CDT the next morning at the very latest.

There is nothing you need to do to ensure your files are migrated. It will all happen automatically. These are just guidelines to help ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Thank you for your help and understanding in this process. We look forward to bringing you the new improvements next week.