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LightCMS: Homepage-Baukasten der Extraklasse | February 8, 2016

Es gibt keinen Mangel an Content Management Systemen (CMS), die dir helfen, deine eigene Website zu erstellen. Und wo wir gerade von Content Management Systemen reden, sollten wir...

An Interview with LightCMS Founder Justin Cowan

CMS Critic | January 22, 2016

During our featured week with LightCMS, I’ve personally journeyed through the product’s core website building features, and have also delved quite deep into the LightCMS Developer Program. As usual, this...

Evolve Creative: A Web Design Agency Powered by LightCMS

CMS Critic | January 22, 2016

During our LightCMS featured week, we’ve focused heavily on what makes the platform such an asset for web design agencies and solo web developers through its Developer Program. The LightCMS Developer...

A Closer Look at the LightCMS Developer Program

CMS Critic | January 21, 2016

So far during this featured week, I’ve discussed the eCommerce capabilities of LightCMS, as well as the platform’s aim to help web design agencies through its Developer Program. And while it’s true...

Building an eCommerce Business with LightCMS

CMS Critic | January 20, 2016

So far during this featured week, I’ve looked at the core features of LightCMS, as well as its aim to help web design agencies through its Developer Program. However, on top of being able...

How LightCMS Aims to Help the Growth of Web Design Agencies

CMS Critic | January 18, 2016

We kicked off our LightCMS featured week yesterday by introducing the platform’s core features, including its use of elements like blogs, forms and calendars to populate pages. I now want to direct...

LightCMS: Not Your Average Website Builder

CMS Critic | January 18, 2016

We’re kicking off another featured week here on CMS Critic. This time, it’s with LightCMS; the People’s Choice for Best Cloud CMS for Small to Medium Sized Businesses 2014. On top of professional...

LightCMS: A Hosted Solution For Creating Websites

Noupe | January 1, 2016

There is no dearth of tools and Content Management Systems out there to help you build your websites. And speaking of Content Management Systems, web-based CMSs hold a particular place, only because...

Self-Serve Rules CMS World

Website Magazine | November 11, 2015

Web professionals are increasingly looking to be able to make changes (e.g. to landing pages, marketing campaigns, tests) themselves and this is nowhere more true than on their content management system (CMS).

LightCMS Brings In User Registration & Enhanced User Profiles

CMS Critic | September 7, 2015

LightCMS have made it a habit to significantly improve their platform on what could easily be described as a monthly basis. Powering over 275,000 websites, LightCMS was chosen for coverage as one of the most relevant...

LightCMS Gets Global Elements, Secure Sign In & A New Responsive Template

CMS Critic | August 3, 2015

LightCMS, the winner of the 2014 People’s Choice Award for Best Cloud CMS for SMB, is back with some new updates. The powerful website builder was chosen for coverage on Website Builders Critic, and continues...

How to Keep Your Code Clean, Readable & Accessible

Website Magazine | August 1, 2015

If there is one piece of advice all HTML and CSS coders should follow, it would be: Whenever you write code, spare a thought for whoever has to read and modify your work in the future.

LightCMS Rolls Out New Source Editor & Role Page Tree

CMS Critic | July 8, 2015

LightCMS, a website builder capable of eCommerce, blogging and corporate set ups, has rolled out a couple of new enhancements. Selected for coverage as one of the most...

LightCMS Gives Greater Pricing Power to Developer Program Users

CMS Critic | May 28, 2015

LightCMS Developer Program users will be excited to hear about a newly improved pricing feature, making it easier to bill clients according to differing resource needs.

LightCMS Introduces Default Page Elements & Heading Levels

CMS Critic | March 25, 2015

LightCMS have released another short list of updates, allowing users to set default page elements, heading levels and favicons.

Responsive Web Design: Hold the Hamburger?

Website Magazine | March 9, 2015

It's old news that mobile searches tend to lead to immediate action because the majority have local intent. It's new news, however, that mobile-friendliness will now be part of Google's algorithm...

7 Tips for Designing High-Converting Landing Pages

Website Magazine | February 19, 2015

Every designer wants their Web pages to "look good," but successful design is both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful.

5 Web Design Principles for Effortless Interaction

Website Magazine | February 1, 2015

Designers should want the websites they create to inspire user interaction. Whether a site sells goods or offers content, the goal is to provide a rewarding experience that encourages visitors to linger, explore, share and return on a regular basis.

LightCMS Revamps Client Billing

CMS Critic | January 21, 2015

LightCMS has made life a little easier for its Partner Platform users, with a brand new client billing system.

NRF 2015--Retail Solutions Throughout the Maturity Cycle

ChainLink Research | January 20, 2015

NetSuite also offers a strong set of content management tools with LightCMS acquired in 2013. They continue to invest in that area, which has become critical as rich media is increasingly used across channels...

LightCMS Review

CMS Critic | November 4, 2014

Building a website shouldn’t be difficult.

Thankfully, there’s a long list of website builders out there that can take the difficulty out of getting yourself or your business online - and LightCMS is one such platform.

Experts Speak: Tips for Switching Your Content Management System

Website Magazine | September 26, 2014

LightCMS is a part of our core custom website development package for small businesses and non-profits. We also use LightCMS for our own marketing and internal project websites.

LightCMS Partner Platform Review – Content Management Platform

GetApp | September 2, 2014

While many CMS systems rely on installing software, managing your own server or learning unfamiliar programming languages, the LightCMS Partner Platform seeks to take the effort and expense out of website design.

Experts Clarify 4 Misunderstood Content Management Terms

Software Advice | July 1, 2014

As content strategies have become more diverse, tools for managing content have likewise evolved to serve new and unique purposes.

LightCMS Launches New Partner Platform

CMS Critic | June 20, 2014

Coverage of the LightCMS Partner Platform release by online CMS publication, CMS Critic.

Grow Your Biz With Designer Partner Platform

Website Magazine | June 19, 2014

Coverage of the LightCMS Partner Platform release by leading website industry publication, Website Magazine.

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