LightCMS Preferred Partner: Collision Media

Get to know and connect with one of LightCMS's preferred partners. Collision Media is a Oklahoma City based creative design studio that uses LightCMS to provide simple and powerful web content management for its clients.

About Collision Media

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Collision Media is a creative design studio that provides web design, graphic design, printing, photography, video editing, and other media-related services for your church or small business. Adding a jolt of creativity to you or your organization is our passion at Collision Media. For over 8 years, we have been serving churches and small businesses with beautiful websites that are user friendly, easy to manage, and built to grow with each organization.

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Q & A with Collision Media

What did you use before LightCMS and why did you switch?

Before LightCMS we primarily used a mix of WordPress and Joomla to serve as content management systems for our clients. We switched to LightCMS because of the ease of use for our clients, and the simplicity of integration for our designers. The platform exceeded our criteria for functionality and usability.

How does LightCMS help you better meet your clients' needs?

The simplicity of LightCMS allows our clients to update their own website with a very small learning curve. Our clients no longer feel overwhelmed at the thought of being their own webmaster and keeping their website updated. In fact, when showing LightCMS to our customers it often changes their perception of how a website works and operates in the world of Web 2.0.

LightCMS also allows for a very quick turn-around. With simple solutions, the coding/integration time is next-to-nothing and allows us to produce quality work in a fraction of the time. This is very helpful for the client who wants everything done in a timely fashion.

What would you say to another designer or agency that was considering using LightCMS?

Give it a try. Once you fully understand the simplicity and flexibility you are going to love it as a designer, and your users are going to fall in love with the ease of use.

Any tips or tricks to give other LightCMS users?

The feature set of LightCMS is the same for every client, however, if you think outside the box you can use each element to specifically benefit your individual clients. For instance, some of our clients use the form builder as a sign-up form for various events while others use it as a shopping cart. Some of our clients use the blog element as a blog while some use it as a podcast manager. Dive deep into the possibilities each element brings to the table and you will continually surprise your clients.

Anything else?

We made the strategic decision to use LightCMS for all of our web products because it continually exceeded our expectations in performance and functionality. The added benefit of great email support from Element Fusion makes this is a no-brainer decision for us.

Collision Media is a preferred partner through LightCMS rewards. To learn more about becoming a partner see the rewards page.