Partner Spotlight: UK Website Design Firm Takes its Business to New Heights with LightCMS

Website design firm, Independent Web Marketing, was started back in 1996 by Mark Caswell during a time when he says selling website design “was like selling double glazing whilst having to explain what glass was.” The Lincolnshire-based company now serves clients that range from a small hot air balloon company to the British Athletes Commission, a government funded organization representing 1,500 elite athlete members, many competing at the Olympics.

Three years ago, he realized that the cloud was the future of the industry. This revelation meant that the company would need to move more than 100 clients off their existing content management system, which was a complex, antiquated system that was specifically built for the company and could no longer support its growth and the needs of its clients.

“I’m never one to have a few here and a few there. I’ve always wanted to find the true platform,” he says. “We've always used a CMS, as we've always wanted to empower the client, so over the years we have used quite a few. However, it was only when we discovered LightCMS, with its ease of use and total reliability, that the lights really went on for us.”

Since moving over to LightCMS, the firm has more than doubled its client base. That’s partly because LightCMS is an easy sell, Caswell says. Most clients have come to understand the importance of mobile browsing and the fact that IWM can easily deploy responsive designs with LightCMS is a huge benefit. Every site he and his team now builds is responsive and mobile-friendly.

In fact, because LightCMS runs in the cloud, Caswell is able to avoid the time and expense of managing infrastructure and software while his clients are able to do much of their own website management. As a result, the company has grown significantly without investing more in client support. Clients can get up and running on the platform quickly and they love its full-featured functionality that is also so easy to use.

“Every feature and function just does exactly what you dreamed it would do,” Caswell says.

Take, for example, the image element.

“This whole idea of being able to upload an image and it working as one image and that you can resize it and crop it, that you can turn something into a slideshow or an album, is a really useful feature, especially when you talk about things being responsive,” Caswell says.

Caswell is also confident in future enhancements to the platform. The advent of the LightCMS Partner Platform – offering unlimited users, data and pages for a deeply-discounted flat fee – creates a huge opportunity for the future of his business. This is great news because, as he has already proven, setting up clients on LightCMS has a very positive impact on client websites.

“Across the board, every website we build for a client on LightCMS gets more visitors and generates more business than the previous version of their website ever did,” he says. “We have more than doubled our customer base in the 30 months since we moved to LightCMS and we expect to double it again in the next 18 months.”

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