Partner Spotlight: Collision Media Balances Style and Substance with LightCMS

Collision Media is a LightCMS Professionals partner based in Nashville, Tenn. who has built its business around the LightCMS content management system to create more than 200 websites (and counting) for clients — many of them churches, ministries and non-profit organizations.

Like many web design agencies, Collision Media started out working with open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, but quickly realized these systems were incapable of meeting its needs. Using these tools, Collision struggled to scale its business and grow the way it wanted to.

Collision Media moved to LightCMS’ cloud-based platform because of the ease of use it offered its clients and the simplicity of integration for its designers. Collision Media also takes full advantage of LightCMS's compatibility with responsive design techniques. This allows Collision to create websites that adapt to whatever device is accessing it—whether laptop, smartphone or tablet.

LightCMS’ intuitive and simple interface now allows Collision Media to complete and deliver more projects in a fraction of the time resulting in its ability to take on more projects and grow its business. To learn more about how Collision Media is leveraging LightCMS to expand and grow its design business, read their full Success Story on the LightCMS Website.