Our revamped network page

The LightCMS Network page is one of the many ways we promote the work of our participating resellers. To participate, they simply need to be a member of our rewards program and to opt in through their account settings to be publicly promoted through us. And so the Network page has become a great tool for us to promote LightCMS resellers and web professionals familiar with the LightCMS system.

Recently we decided to revamp the LightCMS Network page (www.lightcms.com/network) to help increase its visual appeal and the value it provides to resellers featured there.

Case studies

A new section specifically for case studies has been added at the very top. These studies, which are published on our blog and our social media, are available on request to our gold-level and above Rewards members. 

Improved layout

We've also improved the efficiency and aesthetic of our case studies and featured partners sections. This makes those sections easier to browse and more interesting to look at.

Improved partners section

Preferred partners that opt to be visible on our network page (under the "featured partners" section) now have a short bio of their design company and logo included by default. We'll put that information together from your website unless you want to specifically submit something (which can be submitted via LightCMS.com/contact). If you are a preferred partner and you have a case study with us, then you will show up in both sections.

So go ahead and stop by the revamped Network page and check it out. We hope you enjoy the improvements!