Now Hiring: Three Software Engineers

LightCMS is looking to fill three software engineering positions! We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer, a Software Engineer, and a Software Engineer Intern to help propel LightCMS into uncharted waters — waters of revolution in the website building space!  We have begun working on the biggest feature we've ever embarked on, and we want you to be part of it.

What Makes Us Tick

Wondering if you'd feel at home at LightCMS? Here's some information about how we work. You can find out more about us in our company section and our careers page.

We're All About Learning

Are you a software engineer? Do you ooze a passion for learning? If so, that's good because we learn as we go, and as you get started with us you'll have to learn more than ever before. On day one you'll see a giant codebase in front of you, freshly pulled down from Git and sporting namespaces starting with "Water.*".  "Why Water?" you will ask. "It's the name of the first version of our CMS," other team members will gladly tell you. You see, we have a highly collaborative team environment here, and you'll have direct, immediate access to everyone on the team. That is, unless they're in the groove with their door shut and their chat turned off.

We Love Our Customers

Every so often you'll take a month-long rotation on programming support dealing with technical issues that arise from time to time. These stints on support are great for keeping you tuned in to the thousands of end users who use everything you write. Our customers are everything to us, though we have yet to come up with a catchphrase or song expressing our dedication to them.  "Customers, we love you and we're here for you," isn't a real slogan, but it truly is how we feel, and I occasionally catch myself singing it aloud.

We're Constantly Challenging Each Other to Grow

Are you stronger with database design than you are with front-end JavaScript? Good, then you have the next JavaScript task. Your specialties will certainly play a role in our critical projects, but we also want and need you to learn to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

We are all about sharing.  Teach us what you learned last week.  Make us privy to your thought process of why you designed our new search engine the way you did, and why you chose to base it on the tech you did.

We Focus on the Details

Did you finish a project?  Did you really finish it?  Did you write critical unit tests, test it manually, and test it even once more?  You're a hero if it passes the internal review process unscathed.  The fewer "tennis matches" (submitted for review, then rejected, then submitted for review, then rejected, etc.) you enter into, the better.  We're all about reducing friction, from task assignment all the way to deployment.  Without friction, our customers get the features they need faster and more error-free.

Skills You Need to Have

We are looking for candidates who know their ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), SQL Server, and MongoDB.  We use various other backend techs that are pretty specialized but are easy to grasp if you know this subset.

The Positions Defined

Senior Software Engineers really know their stuff. They attack the codebase like a lion. They see the big picture. They know when not to re-invent the wheel and when the time is right to invent something new. They handle critical portions of our code from anything dealing with money to complicated database migrations.  They are in the pool for eventual advancement toward Product Manager. They mostly work on new features, and at night they dream about performance optimization.

Software Engineers split their time between new features and maintenance on pre-existing features. They work with Senior Software Engineers and Designers on most projects, and in some cases they'll lead their own.

Software Engineer Interns come into their positions with an unmatched zeal for learning. They immediately step into a fast-moving, crash-course of real world experience. They learn from the best, surrounded by our collaborative team that is always willing to help. Their work is not only a huge learning experience, but also an opportunity for advancement, as we've had a number of interns turn into full-time positions over the years.

How to Apply

Think you're ready to step into the fast-paced world of development at LightCMS? Then check out our careers page and submit your resume using the form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!