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    New Features: Plan Builder, Featured Image, and More.

    This release of LightCMS brings a highly requested new feature: Plan Builder, which lets you create up to 5 unique pricing plans. This release also includes the Blog Post featured image. Keep reading to learn more about these two exciting new features and what else you will find in this release.

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    New Features: Blog Thumbnail Images, New Default Template and More

    This LightCMS release brings an exciting new feature that lets you add visual interest to your blog lists: blog thumbnail images. This release also brings a new default LightCMS template and the introduction of the LightCMS Developer Plan Starter program. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Groopt Empowers Member-Based Organizations with LightCMS

    Information is critical to member-based organizations such as non-profits, church and civic groups, fraternities and sororities and others, yet they typically struggle with data scattered across multiple desktop and web applications. This is exactly the challenge that LightCMS developer, Groopt, is aimed at overcoming with its cloud and mobile-based platform that provides a simple, all-in-one solution for payments and event registrations, as well as data collection and membership tracking. More ...

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    New Features: Default Page Elements, Title Heading Levels, and Favicons

    Are you tired of repeatedly adding the same elements to every new page you create?  Good news! This LightCMS release brings you the ability to define default elements that are automatically placed on your page when you create it.

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    Five Design Elements to Help Maximize Online Sales

    Website design trends are constantly evolving, often leaving those responsible for ecommerce either scrambling to keep up or simply resigned to the fact that they’re running an outdated site. But keeping the online shopping experience fresh does not require a complex and costly tear-down every year to meet shifting preferences. Following these five design tips will help to create fresh, modern storefronts for your clients that their customers can access anytime, anywhere.

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    New Features: Client Billing Goes Live and More

    This LightCMS release marks a pivotal moment for Client Billing 2.0. Client Billing goes live, and the new method for billing your clients becomes active. This release also includes a redesign of the account dashboard to provide you with important information about your business and sites.

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    New Features: Client Billing 2.0 and More

    This release of LightCMS brings you the first phase of the highly anticipated Client Billing 2.0, Client Billing Activation. You will also find a new, responsive design in this release. Keep reading to learn more.

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    7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

    The design of your organization's website is a bit like the layout of a retail store. You want customers to find it attractive and accessible, fun to browse but also efficient for those who want to buy and check out quickly. Unfortunately, designers often make mistakes when creating the look and feel of their company's site.

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    Client Billing 2.0: Client Billing Gets Even Better

    LightCMS was one of the companies that pioneered the idea of Client Billing for a CMS, and our clients have loved it since the beginning. With Client Billing 2.0, there are some important changes coming, and we know you will love them as much as we do. These exciting changes bring you an entirely new way of billing your clients and collecting your money!

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    LightCMS 2014: Year in Review

    Can you believe it’s already a new year? If you feel anything like we do, we’re still trying to figure out what happened to 2014. Since life clearly isn’t moving any slower, we think it’s important to write our thoughts down and share them with our customers.

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