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    Striking Alchemy Tells Visually Striking Stories with LightCMS

    Nick Kosanovich says that the name of his website design and development agency, Striking Alchemy, says a lot about the firm’s approach and principles: Striking refers to visually striking, while alchemy refers to transforming something common into something special. “Our approach is to create visually striking websites that attract people’s attention and engage them,” said Kosanovich, who runs Striking Alchemy from Pittsburgh, Pa. “We do that through engaging imagery and text that aligns with w...

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    New Features: Calendar Featured and Thumbnail Images and More

    There’s no better way to kick off the new year than by bringing you two frequently-requested updates to the calendar element: featured image and thumbnail image. This release also brings you a new responsive design and a new, SEO-friendly naming technique for image file names. Keep reading to learn more about what you will find in this release.

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    LightCMS 2015: Year in Review

    Well, here we are… 2015 is in the history books and we all have our sights on 2016. As is our tradition, we spent some time reviewing last year’s top blog posts, important product enhancements, and other happenings in LightCMS Land. Take a look below.

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    New Features: Element CSS Class, Thumbnail Dimensions and More

    As 2015 draws to its close, we’re excited to bring you our final features release of the year. This release contains two new features that can simplify styling in certain areas of your site. These include the option to apply CSS classes to individual elements and the ability to set dimensions for gallery thumbnail images.

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    Three Tips to Polish Your CSS Work, Delight Clients

    Editor’s Note: This is the second post in a series on the benefits of clean coding. For specific information on HTML, look to this post with advice on clean HTML coding. Clean code is akin to a well-laid-out and error-free email.

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    New Features: Ordering for Blog and Calendar Views and More

    Thanksgiving is just a week away and this LightCMS release brings you several new features to be thankful for. These include list ordering for blog and calendar elements and several new store user credit card options. Keep reading to learn more.

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    Seven Tips for Writing Clean HTML Code Clients Will Love

    Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a two-part series on clean coding. Be sure to check out our post where we discuss the three tips to polish your CSS work and delight your clients. I like to think of our role as developers as similar to that of craft furniture makers.

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    LightCMS Partners with Crayon

    We’re excited to announce that LightCMS has been added to Crayon.co, the marketing design search engine. Using Crayon, you can now access thousands of existing web designs built on LightCMS to get inspired and find great ideas about what to build next. Designers and Marketers can use Crayon to filter designs by desktop or mobile, select from 35+ page types, 40+ industries and organize all of their favorite designs in one place.

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    New Features: Custom Checkout

    Halloween is less than a week away and have we got a treat for you! This release brings you an awesome new feature that lets you customize the look of your checkout page. Keep reading to learn more.

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    Evolve Creative Takes Flight with LightCMS

    Sarah Hokuf, the founder of Evolve Creative, a website design and branding agency, likes how LightCMS empowers web designers to showcase their creativtity in building websites with powerful visual impact. But Hokuf has also found that LightCMS also offers great flexibility on the technical development side of site creation. “WordPress developers might see LightCMS as simpler and want more advanced features, but I feel there’s nothing you can’t do in development with LightCMS,” said Hokuf.

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