New Twitter account provides more details on system updates

Whenever we make major upgrades and changes to the system, we post about it here on our blog. But what you may not know is that we enhance the system and its infrastructure all the time with a host of smaller changes happening in between our major feature releases. These changes generally go unnoticed because our development team is dedicated to creating such smooth transitions. But as we thought about all the tweaks and changes we make on a regular basis, we decided we needed a way to keep our resellers informed about these more granular changes.

But how would we go about doing this? One idea was to enlist one of the new guys to type the notes into a new Twitter account manually. But that would be too simple, and intuitive simplicity is something we already specialize in. We needed something new, something that would set us apart, something complicated. Meetings came and went, and our coffee supply dwindled. That's when someone stood up and said, "Why not upload an artificial intelligence algorithm to one of our servers, hook it up to Twitter, and let it tweet to the free world our latest system tweaks?" It would be complicated. It would be wholly unnecessary. And so we did it.

And now we're pleased to introduce our brand new, intelligence-enabled server. You can find and follow it on Twitter as @aLightCMSserver. Its tweets may be a little dry and its humor somewhat machine-like, but try to cut it some slack. Remember, it's just a simple server, tweeting completely autonomously with absolutely no help from any of us humans.

Anyway, please follow @aLightCMSserver to stay up to date on everything happening with the LightCMS software. Enjoy!