New Store Feature: Discount Codes

Today we're releasing a major new addition to the LightCMS Store -- Discount Codes! This feature is already live and running inside your LightCMS account.

To set up discount codes, log in to your site and click Store on the top toolbar, then select Settings -> Discount Codes. Here you'll see a list of your discount codes. To set up a new code, click the "Add New Code" button.

The new code screen will suggest a random code or let you set your own. You can choose to discount by an amount or a percentage, add a code description, and set limits on your code like a time period, a minimum order amount or a number of times the code can be used.

Once set up, simply share the code with the appropriate customers and they'll be able to enter it to receive their discount when checking out.

We hope you enjoy the new features. As always, there's more good stuff to come so stay tuned!