New, More Powerful Image Editor

We rolled a big improvement out the door and down the steps today, one that's been in the testing bay for a couple months.

Wide Open Field

The image editor is the most apparent improvement you'll see when you interact with the text editor.  You'll be welcomed with a larger, cleaner canvas to work on when you click the "Image Editor" icon.

There's something about the wider space, and the cleaner controls, that somehow makes the air around you breathe sweeter.

Cropping is easier than ever now, and you can even add some basic text to your image.  Cool!

Crisis Averted

And now for the thing that will float a lot of your boats: We finally have the ability to resize images to exact pixel dimensions.  No longer will you be forced to use a slider to merely approximate how small you want your image.

Get down to the nitty gritty and specify those pixels like it's a life or death situation.  You've got 10 seconds, and you have to set that image to 818 pixels, or the whole building's gonna blow!

Wild Wild West

This release covers a spate of compatibility improvements and tweaks that have accumulated since the last update.  We're on track keeping this text editor, and the rest of our CMS, up to date with the Wild Wild West of fast-changing browsers.



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