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New Features: Store Users and More

Fall has officially arrived, so we say goodbye to summer with the last release of our end of summer feature spree. This release brings you some incredible and often-requested features related to store users. These include an updated checkout experience, store users, and store user order history. Keep reading to learn the details.

Store Users

Store users is a frequently requested feature, and this release brings it to you. For existing sites, store users is disabled, but it will be enabled by default for new sites. Enabling store users is a simple process. Go to the Options tab on the Store Settings page and check the Store Users option. You can then enter the required email information, including the reply to address, subject, and the text of the email.

This information is used to send a registration confirmation email to a new store user who chooses to sign up during checkout.

On the checkout page, visitors to your store have the option to log in or to sign up. When they sign up, they’re prompted to enter name, email address, and password. When they submit the form, a message is displayed on the screen letting them know to check their email for a registration confirmation. This confirmation contains a link they must click to complete the registration. The message stays on the screen, and the system monitors the status of the registration and once the link has been clicked, the screen automatically refreshes and populates the checkout form with the user's name and email.

After the user enters the billing and shipping information, it is saved in the user account. If your store uses Stripe as the payment gateway, then customer credit card information is also saved in Stripe. Stripe is currently the only payment gateway that allows storing of credit card information for signed in users.

User Profile, Purchase History

Earlier in our end of summer feature spree, we brought you a user profile page that enabled users to maintain their personal information including home and work addresses. This release extends the user profile page and adds a Purchases tab. This tab gives your store users the ability to see past purchases and to edit their billing address, shipping address, and payment method.

Updated Checkout

Last fall, we updated checkout to a responsive layout. As part of our store users feature we recognized a few other updates that would improve the checkout process even more. Previously, all the fields for checkout were on a single screen. With this release, checkout becomes a two-step process. The first step in the checkout process gathers customer email, shipping information, and shipping method.

The second step gathers billing information, including payment method, billing address, and special instructions.

Look for these new store user features on the morning of September 29. To see what else is included in this release. Be sure to read the following 2015.10 release notes.

2015.10 Release Notes 

New Features

  • Store users can now be enabled on the Store Settings Options tab.
  • The user profile page now includes a Purchases tab that enables store users to see their past purchases. 


  • The checkout has been updated to organize checkout into a two-step process. During the first step, customers enter their email, shipping information, and shipping method. During the second step, customers enter payment and billing information.
  • Change the search button from an input tag to a button tag.